Presenting a revolutionary, novel concept in advertising: advertising.

If you’re a marketer or work in an advertising agency, you’ve probably heard this dozens of times over the last couple of years. It’s a line that’s been handed to you by trade magazines. It’s been blogged to death. It’s been spoken about with boring regularity at the Cannes Lions.
“Advertising doesn’t work any more. Brands are no longer in control of the message. Shiny, new social media tools and tactics are trumping conventional advertising campaigns.”

The words and context may be different, but you can safely distil the sentiment to one statement: Interruption as a marketing and advertising strategy is dead.

Contemporary wisdom states that interruption marketing is dead. Consumers have been so incessantly bombarded by messages on TV, magazines and billboards that they’ve become immune to them. There’s no point trying to interrupt consumers. We’re just wasting our money.

But that’s not really true. If you scratch the surface a bit, you’ll discover something interesting.

The power of interruptive advertising messages is weakening simply because there are so many boring and insipid ones around us.

Conventional advertising isn’t dead. Far from it. If you can create advertising that’s born out of genuine consumer insight, has an appealing idea behind it and is stunningly executed, you can interrupt all the people you want.

Of course, we use the phrase ‘conventional advertising’ loosely. Our definition of advertising is not limited to a 30-second TV commercial and a print campaign, supported by outdoor, radio and banner ads on the local news portal.

We think advertising is anything that will positively influence our clients’ consumers. And the way we go about influencing consumers is by producing interesting content they can relate to and consume, and then devising clever outreach tactics to disseminate that content – both offline and online.

It might be a film that goes viral, a stunt outside a retail showroom, a contest on an online video sharing site, a retail visual merchandising idea, a bespoke networking microsite for a B2B trade show or an SEO program.

Anything that can influence your consumer is advertising to us. This is how we will help you sell and this is how we will help build your brand.

We’re an independent advertising agency based in Mumbai, India. We have done both the big MNC agency and the start-up gig. And hand on heart, we can honestly state, the smaller, independent advertising agency route is the way to go.

Being independent means we’re free from the shackles of holding company bureaucracy, we’re extremely nimble and we’re free to cherry-pick the clients we want to work with.

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What does this mean for our clients? For starters, we’re hands-on for all our accounts. Clients get senior talent working directly on their business, unlike the crack A-Team from an MNC advertising agency that shows up for the pitch and is never again seen or heard from.

Also, since we’re not bound by a ‘house style’, our clients get the best possible strategic and creative work their brand deserves. They get quicker turnaround times. And they never ever get inflated invoices, simply because we don’t have to pay a bunch of big brothers sitting in their Madison Avenue ivory towers.

It’s not just the smaller local clients who’re drawn towards independent advertising agencies. Big, global marketers have begun to appreciate their value too. They know it’s where all the bold strategies and the revolutionary ideas led by new technologies are born. And they know where they can find committed partners who have the skills and competence to solve their business problems.

If you’d like to know how we can help you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call Prashant Kanyalkar on +91-98203-26080 or email