We don’t work for clients,
we work for brands.

True, we’re an advertising agency, and double true that most advertising agencies consider advertising to be a service industry.
This misguided belief leads them down a path where they compromise and produce creative work that doesn’t do justice to the brand and to the consumer.

Which means it doesn’t do justice to the client. Heaven forbid, that’s something we wouldn’t want for any of our clients.

Our first and foremost commitment is to the brand. And we will fight tooth and nail for that.

We will never create anything just because our client requests it. We understand that this might put you off, if you’re a potential client. That’s OK. We wouldn’t want to take your money and deliver anything less than great.

KA Advertising - Venn Diagram

Having said that, we’re confident there are still clients out there who would be happy to work with us because of the strength of our conviction. And the depth and breadth of our experience.

We don’t specialize in IT, retail, fashion, real estate, luxury, F&B or B2B. We work with all of them. It’s the only way to keep our creative work fresh and non-formulaic.

Every single person who works with us is in the business because of the non-routine nature of our work. What we did for a client last month is no indication of what we will do for another client today.

Of course, this is not empty talk. Over the years our creative work at our previous agencies has won dozens of awards – not just for creative excellence, but also for advertising effectiveness.

If you’re really curious about seeing what we’ve done, we’d be happy to meet you and present our work in person. Call Prashant Kanyalkar on +91-98203-26080 or email prashant@kaadvertising.com.